Beneficial solutions for HR and payroll

HR and payrollIntegrated HRMS and payroll systems provides much more advantages over separately working HR and payroll systems. Improvements in HR and cost savings in payroll department might be the most obvious advantage but little effects can cover all employees and the life of the organization.

Continuous Communications

Updates made by HR such as promotions and terminations are made available to payroll electronically, creating time savings in both departments and eliminating issues that arise after any interval in communication. HR payroll system integration eliminates the need to communicate changes across HR and payroll.

Reduced Admin Tasks

It is very time taking to enter employee data, sometimes it needs to be store more than once. Avoiding duplication of data, reduces tasks of HR and let them focus on more important issues they were hired to handle. Reducing these tasks, allows HR experts to handle more valuable work and consider ways to engage and inspire employees rather than only to document them.

Consistency and Accuracy

Rather than replication, information made shared among necessary departments to avoid duplication errors. Once data is added in cloud payroll software, it only need once to update data and are shared across the whole working system. As everyone searches at one place for data, it’s more likely that any inaccuracies will be covered. And if there is need to make correction, it can easily be done only in one system. Companies are much better protected when the information used for tax withholding, payroll and advantages are free from inconsistencies.

Enhanced Reporting

Comprehensive working is far easier to attain when data doesn’t need to be gather from multiple sources. A more complete database allows richer, tailored coverage and also the chance to additional simply customize the data that’s gathered for a specific purpose, from reviewing the cost of advantages to improving worker retention. An accurate, complete dataset will assist you set up for a workforce that may meet the ever-changing desires of your organization.

Finding the Right Integrated Payroll Service

Every organization have different requirements, and there is no single working solution that is perfect for every employer. PeopleQlik’s HR and payroll management system let you to handle all tasks automatically, improves business working and saves much of your time and cost.


Recruitment guide – Attract and select best talent

Recruitment system that is being used in most organizations is old and difficult to navigate. Side by side companies also want to boost and upgrade this system. One job offer can attract hundreds of candidates which results into bulk of resumes. To automate this process and increase the productivity of HR management many companies have switch to applicant management software.

Choosing the best recruitment software is a big decision because it will lead you to the most qualified and right talent. Here are some tips:

Look ahead and not backward

Instead of choosing old dinosaur system which cause errors, inefficiencies, cost of maintenance, integration problems and much more. Look towards a modern applicant tracking system that will hold back your recruitment efforts.

Simplicity and ease of use

User friendly and easy to use software is always expected by organizations. Solutions which are difficult to understand and need higher learning, can prove even less efficient than handling these same processes manually. With proper selection of applicant tracking software there will be no difficult training’s and it will save time money and resources.

Need and functionality

Deploying software with more functionalities or not enough functionality that is required can cause various problems. Cloud applicant software must have all features and customization options.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics provide ongoing tracking of your efforts. Having access to a tough solution with complete reporting and detailed analytics allows you to see where your recruiting efforts are working, and find outs all weak points in hiring process.

Social media integration

Incorporating with several social media channels allows candidates to apply for job offers at any time using their mobile devices. Social media integration allows business organizations to easily send job alerts to skilled candidates.

Job Distribution via Multiple Channels

It’s vital to post job offers using as many channels as possible to ensure that it is seen by top talent. This will also at once maximize your time, give better results, and reduce cost.

Employer Branding and Career Site

A polished business site that’s a mirror’s image of your company’s website is a simple and powerful addition for any company’s hiring strategy.

Make the right decision with choosing PeopleQlik’s talent management software which provides significant effort and due diligence. These comparison tips mentioned above will give your business a competitive advantage with the usage of this software in the ongoing search of most wanted talent.

Control Increased Absence of Employees with Advance Attendance Management System

Just keeping a register for attendance or installing a biometric system is not the solution. Now it’s time to pay attention on your attendance management system to shift your focus as it can lead to stressful working hours. Moreover, this won’t let you to focus on core business activities. Whether you have just joined business as an HR or have spent many years working with the manual management system, irregularity in the employee attendance is major issue that needs to be resolved.

It cannot be denied that the total cost of absenteeism is a great deal than the salary and advantages provided to the absentees (in the case of sick leaves). Some common reasons of regular employee absenteeism are:

  • Serious illness or an accident.
  • Commuting problems.
  • Excessive work pressure, leading to stress.
  • Personal problems.
  • Not happy with the current job role

There are few of many reasons that HR manager would have identified. All these directly effect on:

Organization’s Productivity

If workforce is not reporting as scheduled, it directly affects the productivity of the organization. The projects will not be completed on time and the worst case is losing a project due to lack of resources and not satisfying customers.

Financial Situation

Poor levels of productivity often result in reduction of financial circumstances. Time delay of projects lead to late payments. If you have a small business company, you could fall short of funds to give salaries even to the employees who are regular at work. This further discourages even the dedicated employees while making the environment negative.

Administrative Sections

Less productivity and poor financial conditions will automatically lower the performance of other administrative tasks in the organization.

Well, technology has a solution for everyone, advance attendance management software improves employee production by replacing all paper work to computerized system. With the help of this module, payroll calculations become easy to calculate. Identification and elimination of time theft becomes easy find out. According to research, organizations without an automated time and attendance solution tend to overpay their employees by 1.5% to 10%.

PeopleQlik’s attendance management software is a best gift for HR professionals. It provides all customized features to help you treat the irregular employee attendance, it can give you control over number of processes that will cure the problem of absenteeism from the roots. It stays in compliance with labor laws by applying overtime policies accordingly.

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Marketing Trends that Are Shaping the Recruitment Industry

Companies have realized that a typical hiring method needs lots of time and money. Now, they’re trying to minimize the process by making specific ads and by using job and social networks with advanced targeting talents.

Five trends which will utterly reshape the recruitment industry by making the choice process more efficient and cost-effective.

Detailed Analytics

HR analytics software is the elaborative analytics provided by best firms. These analytics change each recruiters and employers to measure their strategy’s ROI and to readapt their hiring method in real time. Recruiters have begun to use promoting metrics to manage the proficiency of their work. A number of the foremost helpful metrics for their campaigns are:

  • Conversion rates of job ads and sources
  • The talent pipeline
  • Hiring techniques conversion rates
  • Time to seek out the correct candidate
  • Cost per quality lead

Recruitment Marketing Funnel

Recruitment marketing is not a simple procedure for hiring. Since entrepreneurship is developing at a very fast speed, talent acquisition has become much more complex. Many business companies have decided to introduce additional segments into the selection process and turn it into a proper sales channel. These additional phases are essential for proper recruitment marketing. In a way, they can also be viewed with the help of recruitment management software as a part of the regular selection because recruiters need to engage the appropriate talent base with their ads.

Big Data

With the development of huge information technologies several business departments have already upgraded and currently HR and IT consultants are attempting to implement them into the recruitment method to make best choice. The aim of big data in the HR business is to create the selection method more economical, effective and inevitable. It additionally has to cut agencies’ prices and leave longer for recruiters to concentrate on the foremost skilled candidates.

Recruitment management software is a rising profession that may see vast growth in 2017. Most small and medium sized enterprises won’t have enough time and means that to implement the advanced accomplishment promoting techniques. That’s why even a lot of corporations can attempt to outsource their HR in 2017. This may guarantee simpler campaigns and lower turnover rate rates.

Technological Trends that Redefine HR Management

The trends of technological transformation powers the organizations in many ways. As it offers numerous tools to improve management and engage the workforce in organization. Secondly, it also helps HR managers to shift their focus from employee management to driving profits to the company.

Cloud technology

Be it a web application or a native application, cloud based mostly systems plays an important role in all sector. Cloud-based applications are inevitable in today’s business environment. Collection and data storage are thus tough until the evolution of cloud. With the arrival of cloud technologies, all data like documents and different pertinent information may be simply accessed online. Employee data may be archived and arranged in an exceedingly secure location.

However, before deploying cloud based mostly solutions, it’s required to understand whether or not the technology fits well according to your requirement and adds a real value to your business. One needs to weigh potential challenges against the advantages to understand whether or not cloud will overcome the business risks. Also, it’s necessary to think about whether the business procedures will migrate with the cloud applications. By data centralization, the work flow and operations may be efficient across the enterprise. Cloud HR software will have a positive impact on varied streams of operations starting from development, work force management and business integration. This is why most business firms are shifting to cloud based software’s.

Effects of Technological Disruption

Digital drives several vital implications for each business and human resource department. Overview of few advantages:

For business

  • Talent management method becomes higher
  • HR department takes additional strategic role
  • Talent practices can play a key role
  • Eliminate silos, bridge gaps
  • Employees can become the choice makers

For Human resource

  • Almost each aspect of the hour are going to be efficient
  • Collaboration and new organization structure are going to be evolved
  • HR analytics software analyze worker information, and build customized talent offerings
  • Evaluating external technologies and creating businesses additional strategic

Keeping Pace with Business Evolution

Business mostly depends on 3 things-defining strategy, asset management and driving business execution. With the advantage of technology, HR for the first time within the history is taking part in a true leadership role in business execution.

While technology plays an important role in remodeling human resources management software package and operations from personnel management to business execution, technology itself doesn’t produce this change. HR managers should leverage technology to drive a true worth to the business.

PeopleQlik’s HR software facilitate greater integration and flexibility, so permitting employees to have great voice and share their work expertise. It permits to adopt the change, the enterprise can become smarter.